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Once based in Lititz PA., Moravian Stars started when Barney Braun wanted to construct a 110-point star for the local Moravian church. For over 45 years our business has been operating out of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

All of our Moravian stars are handmade, and can be customized to suit the tastes and display requirements of individual customers. We are proud to supply one-of-a-kind and historic Moravian star ornaments for Churches; Christmas displays and many other festive occasions.

The actual definition of a Moravian Star: Moravian star is an illuminated Advent, Christmas, or Epiphany decoration popular in Germany, America and Europe. The stars take their English name from the Moravian Church, who adopted Moravian stars to represent the Star of Bethlehem.

The original Moravian star, manufactured in 1897, exists only in a 25-point or 26-point form, composed of eighteen square and seven triangular cone-shaped points. This is the popular form of Christmas star. Other forms of Christmas stars exist, but are not to be confused with the original Herrnhut Moravian star. There are other stars with 20, 32, 50, 62 and 110 points, like the hand-made stars our team at Moravian Stars offers.

Moravian stars radiate in windows across America and Europe, providing comfort and warmth to the homes they adorn year after year. Shop our selection for the appropriate size and style Moravian star to suit your home, and inaugurate a tradition for your home and family. From Moravian star tree toppers to multiple sized advent and Moravian stars, find your perfect hand-made Moravian star online in our online shopping cart today.